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Transfer of Service


Is there an amount owing over 30 days?

NO - Go to Step 2

YES - See Below

Amount owing over 30 days:

The customer must clear the debt before the transfer can be booked. We will need:

An authorised Credit Card Payment Proof of Payment Payment on an ECA




Is the new address serviceable?

NO - See Below

YES - Go to step 3

  • Check Premise Maintenance
  • The address should be in status 5 ( released to sales).
  • If the address is in status 4




Certain disputes will need to have their stage changed so they are sent to the appropriate department to

deal with. Once the Dispute has been entered.



Dispute Entry screen

F15 Staging

F6 to view the stages the Dispute will go through.

F12 to change the Stage.

F4 Prompt and select the request stage with '1' ENTER Twice

F3 Exit


The dispute should be closed when the matter has been resolved. Or if the dispute has been entered incorrectly

(note if an adjustment has been done on a dispute, this will close it automatically.)



Dispute Entry screen

F16 A memo box will appear. Type as much detail as possible, press ENTER, then press F6


NB. If you are updating or adding to a Memo start with *** this will indicate to anyone looking at the

Memo at a later date that it has been updated.








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