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Managed Services training site


This image captures the spirit of Managed Services training. The principle is simple: we are all responsible for our development in life, and possess the tools to empower ourselves.

The image, a picture by Karl Martin, was chosen to launch the Communication Centre Network Development Programme in late 1998. To view the presentation that accompanied this launch, together with the network programme material, click here.

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Industry and Merchants regulations and compliance

Direct Marketing Association.
This is a direct link to the DMA, from where you can view, download and print a full set of the guidelines

Data Protection Act
Full text of the1984 Act

British code of advertising and sales promotion
The Codes apply to all non-broadcast advertising and sales promotions in the UK. They are published by CAP for the advertising industry and are supervised by the ASA.

Merchants Working Practices
Guidelines on behaviour, confidentiality, security etc

Merchants' grievance and disciplinary guidelines


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The Merchants Group internal extension listing

Updated regularly and indexed


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"Quick win" hints and tips

A list of hints and tips for immediate impact in various business areas such as presentations and communication.

This section will be updated regularly: inclusions are from various sources, however for quick information and help on over 60 business categories, click here for a link to a good, free commercial site.


26 tips to become a better communicator

Customer behaviour: how to build rapport

The ABC of e-commerce

Reasons people object

Tips for better presentations

Time management tips

Meetings management and assertiveness



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Training and reference material

Train the trainer workshop
A complete study and reference guide designed to accompany a concentrated two-week course in all aspects of training.
Effective appraisals
Appraisal methodology and the inter-personal skills necessary to make an appraisal an empowering milestone for both manager and appraisee. This reference section is designed to accompany a two-day course in the principles of performance management and appraisals and links with the new Network appraisal system.
Team Leader workshop
This is a study and reference guide that accompanies a four-day team leader course. It covers monitoring, troubleshooting, performance management and coaching skills.
Good source of reference material with many hints and tips on how to become more assertive.
Stress Management
Self-study reference material designed to provide ideas and on-line coaching for anyone suffering from any kind of stress. This is recommended reading for everyone, whether or not there is a perception of current stress in life. There is also a section on dealing with insomnia.
Communication skills
Self-study reference material designed as a workbook for self-improvement in many areas of communicating.
Microsoft Excel
Self-study package incorporating basic, intermediate and advanced Excel skills. Complete with exercises. This is in draft form and I would appreciate any feedback.
Links to other useful training sites
This link takes you outside the Merchants Intranet to Peter Venn's personal web site. Within this can be found dozens of useful sites relating to training and learning, together with other sites for use by web designers.


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01908 544033

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Comments and Suggestions

Please send me mail telling me what you think about this training and development site and how I might improve it.

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Private and confidential
The Merchants Group Intranet.
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20th January 1999