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Welcome to Peter Venn's resource directory

Within this site, you'll find out about me, my family and my hobbies, interests and passions.

The site is designed to be a quick-access tool for anyone with interests in personal development and training, while giving quick access to subjects as diverse as science fiction and jazz music.

I try to make a point of adding new interesting sites every day or so, so you may find it worth bookmarking the site: it does change regularly.

If training is your passion too, let me know about your favourite sites and I'll include them here. Meanwhile, here's a map of the area in Milton Keynes where I work.

Peter Venn
35 George Robertson Close
COVENTRY, West Midlands CV3 2NH
United Kingdom

Links within this site

Links to training and learning sites: Commercial and free sites for anyone interested in HR and training
Rhiannan's own web page: Web links to my daughter's favourite sites
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More training and learning sites:
Training material: Restricted access. Email me your request for access please
Back to The Zone: Private site: password required. This site is available only to employees of The Merchants Group.
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MessageMates: No, not an internal link, but a great seasonal site for downloadable animations and banners.

A little about me: I'm 43 years old, currently single (again!) and work in the field of training and personal development. I'm the Knowledge and Design Manager for The Merchants Group, a Milton Keynes-based company specialising in customer value management for major blue-chip companies.

My experience in training goes back many years, however I haven't felt this engaged in the discipline for a long time. Merchants have a knack of challenging people in order to get the best from them. I believe that it's due to their open culture that I've been able to accomplish more in the last six months than I was able to in the last three years in my previous company.

The culture is based on team effort and collaboration, and within this culture, it's been possible for me to help drive the launch of no less than ten complete career development programmes for staff within our Managed Services division. Next year, we'll be designing new programmes to support every role within the company, and as well as this, I'm developing an Open Learning Centre for the company that will be accessible to all staff worldwide. You can probably tell already that Merchants is a very exciting place to be!

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The training material I develop for my company cannot be shared here. However, I produce training material at home on a variety of subjects (mostly generic interpersonal skills) and I'll be posting them on this site for anyone to use freely. All I ask is that you email me to let me know. In the spirit of sharing, if you have any copyright-free training material you'd like to share with the world, send it to me and I'll be happy to post it, with appropriate credits.

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