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TV for the IT professional: Real-time news on 40 channels.
Web Site Garage: Free web page tune-ups on offer!
The Net Mechanic: Tune ups, check out broken hyperlinks and much more
Submit-it!: Submit your home site to over 400 search engines, all free of charge.
Page Resource site: Tutorials on HTML, Java etc, graphics and images, web design tutorials and much more.
Woody's Windows Page: Not for the Mac-hearted!

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Building or maintaining your own Web site?

Check out some of these terrific sites for on-line help with HTML coding, great resources of pictures, graphics etc and much more! There's even a site that will check out the hyperlinks in your web site and mend any that are broken. Good, eh! This page is new and will grow. This will happen quicker if you tell me about good internet sites for web builders: so leave me a message in my Guest Book and I'll put your favourite links here.

Where to find me

I live on the outskirts of Coventry, a medium-sized city in the middle of the U.K. Here's a map that should give you an indication: click on it and it opens to reveal lots of information on the area. Enjoy!

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