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More training and development links

Inner Skills home page:
National Weather Service training centre: Great skills training material here: don't be put off by the title!
Training products - some samples:
Personality tests and much more!:
Gorin home page: Check out the tips of the month
Site on coaching: Explore Lore's effective coaching training
Mental Muscle indicator (Myers Briggs): Find out your Myers Briggs profile here
More on Myers Briggs:
The Training Registry: Check out their training tips
Mentoring: Article by Dr Mike Turner
Indiana University:
US Air Force mentoring programme:
Planned mentoring: Article by John Allen
Commercial mentoring site:
EuroShell Route planner: O.K. so it's not a training site. However, it's a great site for getting maps and itineries for planned journeys within Europe. Could be more up-to-date than the planner sitting on your hard disk!
Recommended Approach to Software Development : Another interesting site from NASA for anyone interested in software development
Self Renewal Group: A little spiritual-sounding, this is a great site to browse for tips on any team or management skill.
International Transactional Analysis Association: All the theory, contact the people, subscribe to the newsletter, all from this site!
Fitness Focus: Good site for information and tips on total mind and body fitness
Academic Information Systems: Interesting slide-based sessions on Internet (what it is, how it works, FTP etc)
Scott Burbank: Factsheets on things HR (appraisal and interviewing tips etc)

Oh, the photograph??

Yes it's me! Taken in 1957 when I was just two years old, in Paington, Devon. Enough of such things, though. I'm attempting to add good HRD links to this site every few days. As the web is so dynamic, there'll be times when links go out of date and are removed. As a result, this site will change a lot over time. And, guess what, you can help! If you find any training sites that interest you, tell me about them and I'll include them here as links. My email address is on my home page, or, if you prefer, leave a note in my Guest Book.

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