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Joni Mitchel, to whom this page is dedicated

You'll see a link to Joni's Home Page in my 'Hobbies and interests' page. Check out some of her poetry, she has a way of painting such vivid word pictures, I find myself thinking 'of course, why couldn't I see it like that'.

More training links Not strictly a training site, but a complete channel guide with video streaming.
Career and life planning site:
Performance Management Home Page:
Internet site on the internet: Interviews and articles on knowledge management via the web. Sponsored by Compaq.
Berkeley Digital Library: Training and teaching
Roadmap 96: A complete lesson-a-day course for everything internet. Comes as an email lesson a day, or browse via the net site.
Another training site for the internet: Formally called 'Big dummy's guide to the internet'.

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