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Peter Venn's hobby and interest links

Gurnerworld: My work colleague's sad ranting about Gary Numan
Mystery Science Theatre 3000: If you get cable, check this out at midnight on Saturdays (Greenwich time)
Joni Mitchell's home page: Late night viewing while late-night listening
'The Book' home page: Home of 'The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy'
First of three great Star Trek sites:
The Issac Hayes official website: I've everything he ever did on the STAX record label! Of course, lately, he's better known as the chef on 'South Park'.
The Monty Python site:
Red Dwarf:
The unofficial Meatloaf site:
Midi Juke Box: Download your favourite tunes
One of the best Star Trek sites:
Star Trek Insurrection site: Download some great goodies, including film clips and screen savers.

Yes it's me!

My official Merchants photograph, in glorious technicolor! The plant in the background is called 'Eric' and takes one of eight (or even nine) important team roles within Merchants' internal training team. For more about team roles, you'll just have to check out Meredith Belbin.

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