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Hot links to great learning sites

One reason for setting up this site was a selfish one: I wanted a quick-to-view list of all the sites I regularly visit. True, the bookmark feature on the browser is fine, however it grows fast and sometimes doesn't give the level of detail I need when trying to revisit a particular site. This site is in constant development. Dedicated 'directory' watchers will see some recent inclusions, together with a removal of hobby and interests links to another page. Check out this if your interests span Sci-Fi, music and Douglas Adams!

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Hot links to my favourite sites

The Einstein Factor: Interesting pages devoted to accelerated learning
Learning tips and early career planning: Exam studying stuff (for students), early career planning and tips on learning
Smartbiz Supersite: Great resources for anyone in business today
BBC business and training website, complete with on-line exercises in comm:
The Merchants Group: The place where I work
The quotation ring: Rich source of quotations for all occasions
The Training Supersite: Commercial site with great links to training resources
NLP link site: Great resource of links to sites dedicated to Neuro Lingistic Programming
Performance management: Link page to resources on performance management and positive reinforcement
Project Renaissance: Ways to increase intelligence accelerated learning.
Mastery of learning: This site examines ten different theories on instruction.
More training site links, notably to US and UK NLP centres.:
Team development: Good site to browse around the forming/storming/norming and performing model
Teaming study: Cesar Malave takes us through a training on teaming
On-line inventory of learning styles (not fully functional at present): This instrument was designed by Barabara Soloman and Richard Felder with the assistance of Gary N. Felder. It assesses an individualís preferences on dimensions of a learning style model.
Stuff on coaching and counselling:
Distance learning courses, including class notes:
Telesmart: Good monthly tips for anyone in telebusiness
The learning centre: Good resource of training (much of it freely available)
WWW Learning resource: Training on basic to advanced html
The learner's centre: Various courses, including on-line training in use of Netscape, complete with quizes and scoring system.
Health and Safety Executive home page:

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