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Rhiannan's fun links

Spice Girls unofficial web site: Yes it's true! Rhiannan is a true blue Spice fan, having every record ever produced, plus the videos (and the PC game).
Peter Andre's web site: Rhiannan has pop posters all over her walls, however this is the only one with (lots of) lipstick kisses on. Considering Pete hasn't released much of late, Rhiannan seems to have a long memory.
Cartoon Network: During the week, it's cable, at weekends it's satellite, but whatever she's watching, you can guarantee Cartoon Network will be there somewhere!
Scooby Doo home page: Cartoon Network again, but this time Rhiannan's favourite of all, Scooby Doo! Incidentally, a little Scooby trivia for anyone over 35, the voice of Shaggy was Casey Casam, of America's Top Ten!
Goosebumps: R L Stine stories brought to spine-tingling life on the Fox Kids network. Whatever we're doing on the weekend, we have to catch them at least once.
Children's web links: Great child web links, definitely worth checking out!
Peter Venn's resource directory (back to my Home Page):
Barbie's software site: Rhiannan chooses her horse here and can dress and feed it too!

Rhiannan Venn was born on 6th December 1991 and is a real child of the nineties, with her own computer, internet connection and combat gear!

She recently took up horse riding at Willow Farm Stables, near Coventry and riding is therefore the great new love of her life! Although the stable doesn't have a web site yet, this page is just for Rhiannan's favourites in terms of music, fashion and cartoons.

The picture shown above is of Rhiannan and her best school chum, Eamon, and it's taken from the Coventry Evening Telegraph dated 27th March 1999. Here's what the article says:

"Children at a Coventry primary school will keep a careful eye on the weather over the next few months.

The pupils of St Anne's Primary in Chace Avenue, Willenhall, will make daily checks on rainfall, temperature levels and wind speeds after being given a set of forecasting equipment by Powergen.

Teacher Monica Shah, who co-ordinates science, invited members of the company to a special assembly yesterday (26th March 1999).

She said 'I don't think we will be producing our own weather forecasts just yet but we have worked on a weather collage which we are very proud of.

Our seven and eight-year-olds are also measuring the daily rainfall and using a barometer'.

In June they will write a report about their observations which will be entered into a competition with other Coventry schools".

The photograph below was taken in Warwick park during last summer, after we'd spent the afternoon exploring Warwick Castle.

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