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Creating a dispute from the invoice display screen





Customer Service Main Menu

 Type 1 on Command Line, ENTER

 Accounts & Billing Options

 Type 1 on Command Line, ENTER

 Invoice Display

 F14 Disputes

 Disputes Maintenance

 Existing Disputes, if any, will display. F6 to add.

 Dispute Entry screen

 Account Number



 Defaults from Search Screen





  On D type disputes ENTER the 'Amount in dispute'

All amounts must be entered before VAT is added for example: if the customer requires a credit of 5.00 an amount of 4.26 will be entered in this field.

10.00 will be 8.51

15.00 will be 12.77

20.00 will be 17.02

25.00 will be 21.28

30.00 will be 25.53

35.00 will be 29.79 etc.


If the figure is not listed above then you will need to calculate the a mount, example

? Divided by 1.175 X 100 =?

On C type disputes ENTER whether the complaint is verbal or written in the written/verbal field by Entering a W or V.


 Memo - give as much information as possible.

For D type disputes give the information shown in the table below. I.e. the reason the credit has been given and the Department at fault for example 05/550 could be when a customer has been charged for installation by Telesales when he was entitled to have the installation Free of Charge.






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