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About The Merchants Group people development solutions

The need for people development

The challenge for any organisation today is maintaining its greatest asset: its workforce. Increased attrition, poor morale and limited personal growth are symptoms of a perceived lack of commitment to the development of a workforce. Only by providing a visible, achievable development and career plan for each individual can a company hope to retain quality staff and motivate them through effective succession planning.

At Merchants, we have developed a range of training solutions that have made us the market leaders in the communication centre industry. Our own statistics prove conclusively that, with a sustained, structured development plan, people stay longer, are more productive and grow within the organisation to provide the continuity of skill vital for the growth of the organisation.

Merchants People Development solutions

Merchants people development experts can provide a wide range of development solutions for your workforce, using either our tried and tested training courses or by designing a bespoke programme to your own brief. Services include:

 Defining competencies at different roles and levels of experience within a role

 Designing bespoke training and development solutions to meet the competency levels and provide for role development

 Generic communication and interpersonal skills for all levels within a communication centre

 Functional, technical and interpersonal skills training for call centre management

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Training solutions by role

Telephone communicator
Our experience in call centre operations has taught us that, in order to motivate call centre staff while encouraging them to "stay the course", a development programme needs to recognise that an agent's needs will change with time.
Therefore, we have developed a range of programmes that give a call centre agent a visible personal development and career path.
Team Leader
A complete, structured training programme for Team Leaders, with an accelerated "Foundation Course" to set up a new Team Leader to win. Elements from this programme would be ideal to fast-track the better communicators and could form part of an organisation's succession-planning strategy.
Call Centre Management development
A full programme of functional, technical and interpersonal development training to empower the Team Manager/Operations Manager to fulfil all aspects of the role, including people management.

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27th April 1999